iPhone 6s Plus Cases

For many people, a smart-phone is the first thing we grab, wherever we go. A case is an essential accessory for every iPhone 6s Plus. The right cover will personalize your mobile, protect it from damage and let you express your individual sense of style. With new iPhone 6s Plus Cases, you can upgrade your mobile at a fraction of the cost.

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iPhone 6s Plus Cases and Covers

The iPhone 6s plus is big and beautiful- but it is also vulnerable to screen cracks, scratches and water damage. The right case
can prevent harm so that your iPhone continues to look good and function efficiently.

Defender iPhone 6s Plus cases provide armor-like protection so that your phone is protected even if you drop it out of your car window.

Smart battery cases will give your charge a boost when you’re out and about, without the need for a separate battery pack.

Clear polyurethane iPhone 6s Plus cases will prevent damage while still allowing you to show off the beautiful Apple rose-gold or graphite coloration.

Super-protective iPhone 6s Plus cases can defend against water, dirt, snow, dust, and drop so that you can use your phone when you’re skiing, sailing or heading out on a trail bike.

Choose a case with a loop you can slip your finger through so that it stays safe and doesn’t slip out of your hand, even when you swing your arms or trip over.

Keep your cards, cash, and cell together with a leather wallet. Your phone slips on one side and the other side stores your credit cards and folds over to protect the screen. Smart, stylish and practical.

You can personalize your iPhone 6s Plus with a photo case so that you can spot it anywhere and keep an image of your loved ones close at all times.

Screen Protection for your iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s plus has fantastic functionality but frustratingly has a screen that is easily smashed and spoilt. As soon as you take it out of the box, protect the screen. Many cases come with a screen cover, alternatively invest in a tempered glass or liquid glass shield for extra protection from dust and damage.

Wooden iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Even though your phone is up-to-date, you can still go old-school with the cover. Wooden iPhone 6s plus cases are one of the newest trends. They look good and feel warm, smooth and fabulously tactile. The wooden structure is light, hugs the body of your phone, and effectively protects the edges while still allowing full access to the screen and all the buttons.

Choose from a whole host of different woods including mahogany, walnut, maple, cherry and eco-friendly, lightweight bamboo.
Look out for a solid construction, cutouts that allow you to get to the controls easily and a sleek design – and remember to keep it away from strong sunlight, wood is a natural material that can fade and change color in bright light.

Glow in the Dark iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Do you stumble around and struggle to find your phone in the night? Make sure your iPhone 6s plus stands out on your nightstand or in a nightclub with a glow in the dark case. These cases are created using special luminescent materials. When exposed to strong light energy for fifteen to twenty minutes, they will emit an eerie glow that can last up to twelve hours. Whether you choose green, orange, blue or yellow a glow in the dark case can be a fun and functional way to protect your iPhone, they could also be the perfect addition to your Halloween costume. When choosing your preferred color, remember that the colors will look different in the light and in the dark, so make sure you’re happy with the appearance both in the day and in the night before you buy.

Holographic iPhone 6s Plus Cases

Add a little glitz, glitter or glam to your iPhone 6s plus with a holographic case. These futuristic metallic cases will catch the light and catch attention. A hologram is a type of photographic technique creating a three-dimensional image. It’s a method of recording the
light reflected from a given object. Holographic phone cases can be glittery, like snakeskin, like a waterfall or like marble. Some cases are clear and filled with holographic hearts, stars, and flowers that move with your phone for a beautiful and ever-changing appearance.

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